Mobile Payments

Qkr!™ by MasterCard is an easy-to-use app that allows your customers to pay for their food and drinks at their table straight from their mobile device – a POS cash register for your phone! On arrival the customer checks in to the Qkr!™ app on their mobile device which provides them with a unique 4 digit code. This code is input on the POS by the waiter. As the customer orders, their bill appears on their mobile device in real time! When they are ready to pay, they just check out on the app and leave. Staff are notified that the bill has been settled and the customer’s bill is closed.


  • Provides a quick and easy way for customers to pay for food and drinks
  • Customers don’t have to wait around for the bill, they can go when they are ready
  • Staff don’t have to spend time processing bills so they can spend more time on serving customers
  • Qkr!™ accepts all scheme debit/credit cards so you can offer a wide variety of payment choices
  • Qkr!™ is provided by MasterCard so you know payments are secure